Subway Location Reduces Energy Bill by $900 with No Upfront Costs

Subway location gets $9000 in equipment upgrades and reduces energy bill by $900–with no out of pocket costs

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A Subway franchisee already had LED lights installed that were helping reduce the restaurant’s energy bills. However, they also wanted to increase their savings without having to provide any additional capital for equipment upgrades. Enter Budderfly.



Budderfly provided energy efficient upgrades at absolutely no cost to the franchisee: including new HVAC chips, refrigeration controls, monitoring technology, new power meter, and more. With SubEnergy Refrigeration Controls, Budderfly also began monitoring over 20 different functions, providing alerts when walk-in refrigerators are left open, and other energy-saving opportunities. Plus, all equipment is maintained for life of the agreement with Budderfly's exclusive 10-year parts and labor warranty.



The Subway franchisee saw immediate energy savings with Budderfly’s guarantee. In the first 11 months of partnering with Budderfly, they saved $827 and are continuing to save more. Plus, they received $9,833 worth of equipment upgrades at no out of pocket costs.



Component Upgrade Cost Cost to Franchisee
LED Lighting Existing $0
HVAC Chip $1,305 $0
T-Stat $240 $0
HVAC Maintenance $1,305 $0
Cold Plus $419 $0
Strip Curtain Included $0
HVAC Chip $1,305 $0
Refrigeration Control Cooler $1,200 $0
Refrigeration Control Freezer $1,200 $0
Walk-in Temperature Monitoring and Alerts Included $0
Refrigeration Maintenance Included $0
Cold Plus $419 $0
Power Meter $2,240 $0
Pepwave Included $0
Facility Controller (XCY) Included $0
Total Upgrade Costs $9,833  
Total Cost to Franchisee   $0


“I have been a SubEnergy (Budderfly) customer for over two years now. Their installation teams were quick and clean in each of my 95 restaurants. The new lighting looks dramatically better and provides an improved and appealing customer environment and a better employee workplace.
We have not invested any of our own money or spend time trying to make this happen; both of which would have been significant. I just pay my lower cost utility bill. Best of all, NO unexpected bills!"

Robert Maxon – Franchise Owner, SUBWAY

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