Case Study: Budderfly + YMCA: Energy Efficient Upgrades


Achieving More with Less:
The Zero-Investment Success Story

Budderfly invests over a million dollars in energy efficient upgrades for the YMCA.



YMCA of Greensboro CEO, Rhonda Anderson, realized that by implementing an energy efficiency plan, she could reduce energy consumption and utility costs, ultimately improving her bottom line. Plus, by upgrading their facilities to operate more efficiently, Anderson could further the YMCA’s positive impact on both the surrounding communities and the environment.  

After considering the time and capital requirements of managing these upgrades in-house, Anderson and the leadership team decided to seek an energy management partner. In 2021, YMCA of Greensboro decided to join the Budderfly program, implementing our energy efficiency technology and equipment at six of its facilities, all located in North Carolina.  



After performing an extensive assessment of each of YMCA of Greensboro’s locations, Budderfly offered her a suite of energy saving technology and high-efficiency energy equipment, at no upfront cost, for simplified energy management, carbon reduction and increased savings.  

Budderfly provided all the capital for the upgrades, allowing YMCA of Greensboro to reduce their utility bills without the financial strain they would have incurred had they managed upgrades in-house. Plus, by taking over and managing their utilities, Budderfly streamlined the organization’s billing, leaving them with one easy-to-read monthly statement for full transparency into their monthly savings.   



Budderfly has provided $1,277,897 in capital across the six YMCA of Greensboro locations, including HVAC enhancements, LED lighting, smart thermostats, and more. Budderfly provides the upfront capital to install and maintain our customers' upgrades, allowing organizations like the YMCA to access high-quality energy efficient equipment and technology while preserving their capital for other operational priorities.  


By providing an ecosystem of energy management solutions, Budderfly helps the YMCA of Greensboro achieve optimal outcomes like reduced energy usage and increased savings. Plus, Budderfly’s streamlined billing provides one single monthly payment, as well as a snapshot of their previous utility bills, prior to partnering with Budderfly, for comparison. 


Budderfly monitors the HVAC equipment and thermostats across all 6 locations to provide deep insights to ensure the perfect balance of ongoing member and employee comfort with less energy waste. Using the Budderfly Customer Portal, the leadership team can see data on how the equipment works to keep the facilities as energy efficient as possible. 

Plus, our software proactively detects any equipment that isn’t functioning at peak performance and can recognize any system errors. Alerts are logged and can be viewed within one comprehensive portal dashboard. 

YMCA's Energy Savings


After just three years of partnership with Budderfly, YMCA of Greensboro has saved a grand total of 1,700,000 kWh in energy. That’s the carbon reduction equivalent of 268 gasoline-powered passenger vehicles driven for one year. Partnering with Budderfly has helped the organization to make an even larger impact on the community and environment with zero capital expenditure. 



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